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Multiple Clipping Path

Multiple Clipping Path is a refined form of Clipping Path. It is also known as Color Path or Multiple Channel Masks. We use multiple clipping path services to separate colors from each item within an image. Multiple Clipping Paths service may be employed with any product photo and is great for E-commerce sites.


Multiple Clipping Path – Overlapping

Multiple Clipping Path service attracts clients from all over the world. Likewise, we meet their various demands with a wealth of experience. However, Multiple Clipping Path can be attained in 3-4 ways. To see the path we used on this image click here and download it. From the expertise and with your given instructions we give you the exact work that you want.


Our expert clipping team will save your time

If you are a Retoucher then multiple clipping path services is a must-have for you. As we know for the purpose of retouching you’ve to create an individual path and this means a lot of work. With your guided instructions our clipping path expert team ease your way up to save you a whole lot of your time. Giving you a perfect result.

Separating Color for Multiple Paths

While working with a simple image, you might face the situation to separate color from its background or any other sector of the image. Multiple clipping path techniques deal with you in that situation with its easy tools.

For example, suppose you choose a picture of a full-sleeve shirt and you want to change the color of the shirt by one part.

Then you need to choose the exact layer of that part with the help of Photoshop and place the exact color you want to look at it. With the help of this technique, you can isolate colors from each thing inside a picture, finish multiple fills, or change an article pivot or estimate.

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